Is there a minimum I have to make before I get paid

We have no minimum. Nonetheless, depending upon the payment system you choose, there may be a minimum. For example, Direct Deposit has a $20 minimum.
How should you act on camera

Whatever shows you want to do and are comfortable with!

If you’re just getting started with camming, start with what feels natural and work your way up from there. Perfect your presentation, or try branching out with toys, role-playing, costumes, or unique specialty shows. Explore and see what sticks – if you decide you don’t like something, you don’t have to offer it again.

If a member requests a special type of show, it’s up to you if you want to accept or decline. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable and having fun.

Non-Nude Webcamming

Nudity is optional but by no means is required. If you decide to become a non nude web model, your clients are not expecting nudity and you should not provide it. If someone inquires about nude webcam models feel free to direct them to the nude category that provide that kind of entertainment.

Adult webcam sites are vigorously disposed towards nudity and sex acts, and not many non-nude models achieve success. Generally there are two primary techniques to performing as a non-nude cam model, the first involving the cultivation of an ‘innocent girl next door’ persona and the second involving a persona that performs fetish, especially Female Mastery sessions.

Success as a non-nude cam model is more hard to accomplish, since the most part of clientèle do wish for some nudity during their private shows, however performers who research their fetish niches (in the case of a FemDom technique) and truly strive to engage with their customers (as an innocent ‘girl next door’ cam model) can do extremely well. In both styles of non-nude camming it is very important to build and maintain a customer base of regulars, to get to know one’s clients and offer customized experiences that give them a reason to come back to your webcam room for future private sessions. Personality and knowledge of the most common and popular fetishes is key. To learn more about fetishes and BDSM you can Click here. If you are interested in learning more about Non-nude webcam jobs you can Click here

Webcam Modeling Tips

Your surroundings

Use no less than a 1.3 megapixel webcam or a general HD handycam with a capture card in your PC. A decent quality cam will return the investment, in light of the fact that members care a great deal about video quality.

Make appealing surroundings at your work environment. If you don’t have a window, or light source behind you, the member won’t be able to see you all right. Indeed one single light source is not the best because it can make shadows. Having two or more light sources is the best. Play around with distinctive light settings until you discover the setup that you're content with.

Your account

Pick a name that is anything but difficult to recall. Upload photos of yourself more is better, ideally ones that get members' attention. Bright, intriguing, professional or half expert photographs are a plus. Transfer a teaser video of yourself.

Being live

Let your personality make it through. Members need to see you because of who you are. They need to get to know you. Don't be scared to act naturally. Don’t look at it as being at work. If you have a fabulous time, your guests will have a fabulous time. Make use of Sound – spare your fingers and tease your crowd vocally. Be well disposed and pleasant. Talk with and recognize guests too. Guests are potential clients, who will go and purchase credits in the event that you get them exited in Free Chat. At regular intervals, get up and move around. Stay fresh, energized and excited. Members dislike models who sit with a dull, exhausted face in front of the cam. Grin, move around, dance, tease the guests and members in Free Chat. These models have a tendency to be taken private rapidly. Have a mixed bag of toys/instruments with you. Don't lose a client because you don't have a dildo. Recognize your regulars. Recalling their name or some private info will make them feel more welcome and keep them returning. Anyhow, don't overlook the rest of the room when your regulars come in. You never know who your next private will be. Be careful with the beggars. The ones who just say "show me this" or "show me that". Regularly they will guarantee a private if you show somewhat more, but rarely follow through. 
You can block individual members who bother you while streaming. 

From the time you sign up to be a webcam model, keep creativity in the back of your head. You will always be needing to find new things to do to keep your fans coming back for more. The same thing over and over again gets old, and you will constantly need to throw something new into your show.

Please note that a lot of clients, and the best ones at that come during the late hours of the night and early morning. One more thing…stick to it! You don't have to clock onto your site from 9-5, unless you need to. Try to stick to around the same time and around the same days. Fans and supporters will get to be regulars if you are on particular days/times as a rule. In the event that you don't feel being on cam a specific day, don't! You'll make less cash because your fans can tell when you're into it and when you aren't.

The Signup Process

To get started simply fill out a basic online model info form and you can be working within 1 day compared to other sites that take minimun 2 weeks. Get your first payment in 2 weeks and with $20 minimum payout. Where other sites are $100. We also pay on time, every time. We wish this were "normal" but, sadly it is not the case with every site out there. We understand that you are counting on money you've earned and we will never put you in an awkward position by paying you late.
In order to qualify, you MUST:

Have a scan or a picture of a valid, legal state-issued Photo ID, Driver's license, Passport or national identification card to 
prove you are over 18 yrs. or older (19 yrs. in Canada). School ID or other non-government issued ID will not be accepted.

Things to Know About After Sign Up:

After signup you will then receive an email with this Subject: “I-Camz Models: Get Started Now!”. 

You will need to update your model profile. Profile Information will include some information about your expertise, turn-ons and details about your show. Also you will need to upload a bio picture (do not attempt to upload any images with below the waist nudity to your accounts as these images will be refused).
This is the final step of the application and only takes a few minutes.
The profile usually takes as little as one business day to be approved depending on the demand of applications and assuming that you have provided the correct and accurate information required. 

If for any reason the profile isn't completed properly, you will usually be notified via email as to how to correct it. You will be notified as soon as your account is approved.

Once finished, reviewed and approved, you will officially be a performer for the
HOTTEST adult live chat network and you may begin doing performances as you wish.

If you have questions at any point before the sign-up process please contact If you need assistance after the sign-up process please contact

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