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How to do Non-Nude Webcam Jobs

Posted on Sunday

Is it possible to make money on non-nude & bikini cam sites by doing webcam jobs without getting nude?It is often thought that a female who is modeling on a webcam must do so whilst getting naked if she wishes to receive money. The truth is that this is not the case. It is now possible to make money on non-nude and bikini cam sites by doing webcam jobs without getting nude. It is also true that the challenge is higher if an individual wants to do a routine that is clothed, but you can quickly become established. Once you have done this the potential can be just as high as those who are carrying out nude webcam sessions. If you are interested in a non-nude webcam session, read on to see what can be involved.


There are several different ways in which a non-nude webcam session may take place. This may include several different types of fetishes, the role of the girl next door and that of female domination.

Many customers who watch webcam have a desire to be controlled. Customers usually desire all different types of webcam models but there is a high focus on domination. This may include the desire for the webcam model to be a goddess, the queen, the master or a mistress to name a few. It doesn't actually really matter as long as the female comes up with a title that gives the sense that she is dominating. When you are dominating you do not need to be nude.

Forms of domination

The role of the jerk off instructions or JOI as it is also known is popular and requires the customer to be given instructions verbally on how to masturbate.

Another popular form of domination is financial domination. This involves the control of the viewers wallet and should result in that of the money slave. This can be very rewarding financially.

Humiliation has always been a popular form of domination and this enquires the customer and his desire to be humiliated. In this situation the model will have to humiliate some form of the customer and as strange as it sounds, this can also be a good moneymaker.

Worship is another popular form of domination and will require the webcam model to flaunt a part of her body or her personality.

Another form of the webcam experience may involve the girl next door scenario

This situation is perfect for those customers that do not have anything to talk about and simply want the girl next door scenario so that they can have someone to talk to. In this situation the girl does not need to get nude but simply needs to have a good sense of conversation. If you can develop and provide this to the customer in a positive way, they will turn into a repeat and loyal customer that you can then build a relationship with.

However, it is important that you do not give away anything for free and should still remember to charge for the services. It is also important to remember to look good through out the services and to wear a nice pair of jeans and something that says that you are dressing to be successful. You may also carry out other routines that make you seem more like the girl next door, such as that of tidying and hoovering as well as cooking.

Other themes

As well as these common themes, customers may ask for other fetishes which do not involve removing any clothes. This may involve the foot fetish, where the client will wish to see the bare feet of the model. Sucking on your toes is also popular and will make you more successful. Some customers also enjoyed tongues and will request tongue play.

Exercise is a popular form of activity when carrying out non-nude webcam sessions and will simply will require you to invest in some yoga pants, before carrying out your favorite exercise in front of the customer.

As well as the more usual webcam routines, there are also some strange ones that you may be aware of. Some customers want models to eat sweets, such as gummy bears very slowly whilst they watch.

Other customers want the model to put the camera somewhere strange and then step on it so that the customer feels that he is being squashed.

Some customers want the model to say a certain word over and over again and this can sometimes go on for several hours.

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Although some of these examples are strange, it just shows that you do not need to take any clothes off when you are carrying out webcam modeling and this may be a benefit for some individuals.

You must also remember that you are always in control when you are doing the modeling and it is therefore up to you how are you proceed. Take a look at some of the other non-nude cams here to see how it is done:

If you are interested and wish to sign up for a site that allows non-nude webcam jobs then simply visit and proceed to the registration. This site will provide everything that an individual needs who wishes to begin webcam modeling without the nudity.