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Want to Model? Not Sure How? Make Serious Cash Now- on I-Camz as a Webcam Agent

Posted on Friday

CAM AGENTS NEEDED!One of the questions that we hear all the time from people who are interested in our services- What exactly is a Webcam Agent?

Agents make huge amounts of money simply providing new models every day on Agents are those who make commission simply referring people to become models, and then make money off of what the model earns. Agents earn around ten percent of each model that they refer for life and can earn up to twelve percent (Must have 50 Active Models to Qualify). You read that right, FOR LIFE. This means if you're motivated, know people who want to make money, and want a career where you're working from behind the scenes, this position is perfect for you. An average model makes around $2,000 a week on I-Camz, only working 20-25 hours a week. Some models make even more money than that- depending on their audience and how many people like their shows. All it takes is motivation on your end- making about $200 a week or more from each of your active models. In the end of the process, you simply refer models to your application page, and I-Camz takes care of the rest.

The thing is, now you can make even more as a Webcam Affiliate or Webcam Agent on I-camz

I-Camz is always helping people make money with our ingenious affiliate program. It's easy to use, and works out to your benefit- as I-Camz models are some of the best paid webcam models in the entire industry. We pride our models on their salaries, because we understand that these factors play into the job! Because of this, I-Camz offers webcam agents more ways to make money through affiliate marketing programs like the one featured on affiliate program, even showing people how to become a model agent. Through these programs, agents refer customers and make even more money on our site- $1 per signup and up to TWENTY percent of what customers spend on the site for LIFE! Plus if you refer new affiliates you earn 5% of their earnings.

Join Recruit4Cash and get paid BIG to refer customers to our network of adult sites.

Our agents make great money- some as much as a grand or more a week, and now they can make even more. Agents are given three links to sell, and customers can use one of these links to refer themselves to ICamzlive. Additionally, I-Camz creates banners for these links so you don't have to do anything but market the product. This gives you everything you need to bring in more models, agents, customers and affiliates sparking sales, creating huge amounts of cash for you and your models. Additionally, you don't HAVE to own your own website or spend a whole bunch of money advertising- all you have to do is put up ads on Craigslist or Backpage and other job type sites picking up individuals who are interested in modeling as a career.

Because of our high standard of pay and the way we treat our models, agents, customers and affiliates, we are quickly dominating the webcam modeling agency, setting standards bringing more and more people to our site. We're dedicated to our models and agents and provide for them in any way possible.

Start getting paid to refer other people to become agents, too!

We really want to expand our business, providing the best models for everyone to look at. That's why we pay our agents to refer other agents. Now, agents can make ten percent off of other agents- so refer your friends and family to our site, especially if they'd rather not become a model themselves, even giving them the opportunity to become your customer if they want. You'll make money hands over fist- because I-Camz pays those invested in our sites. Of course, you have to earn $100 or more a week to get qualified, so get those agents who want to make money.

Become the most successful webcam agent you can:

It's easy to make money in this business- probably easier than any other. Sure, you have to invest time, and work hard- but we pay you for your effort, and it definitely pays off in the end. Not only is the webcam industry thriving these days, people love to watch beautiful people- no matter what their economic status is. People need to get off- and most would give up other amenities in their lives to guarantee their fix. They save videos on their phones, and love live action- this live action can make you money!

Face it, you're already watching these girls in action, you already enjoy seeing them work their magic- much more than traditional porn that's cut and dry, with preview clips trying to sell you a product. These days, you can get everything you need, get started in the business, and be completely set with all the materials that you need right off the bat, with live models that will make you a fortune over old-school video porn. Nothing is as powerful as a little bit of flesh.

You only need THREE things to be successful:

  • * Models, and lots of them
  • * Model approvals
  • * Models that are comfortable making money and working from home

Out of every model that you sign up, only a select few will be the cash crop that you're looking for, so you have to work proactively. On the same token, it only takes a little while to build up a nice chunk of profit. As soon as they start making real money, acting a little risque and doing their favorite things for their clients, you'll see your totals skyrocket- as long as you don't give up in the earliest stages of the process.

A winning strategy is to sign up 100 models to get a star model that will make you more money that you could get in any other job every single week, working from home. The perfect candidate goes and signs up twenty models, understanding that only one or two of them is going to start racking in the cash. The perfect candidate keeps plugging away, keeps making connections and eventually does the process again and again, building their business and making thousands upon thousands of dollars.

The next time you see someone asking "How do I become a modeling agent?" or "Where can I find an excellent work from home opportunity?", just lead them to fill out the simple application, with no forms or fees required.