How To Become A Cam Girl, Boy or Couple

To be eligible to become a cam model with I-Camz you must satisfy the following conditions:

* You must be at least 18 years of age (19 yrs. in Canada);
* You agree to provide us with a photo ID to confirm your age and identity. The ID info is required for legal reasons as this is a legit work opportunity. Rest assured that we have done all that we can to keep your personal data private (including your IP address so nobody will know where you're working from);
* You must meet the minimum requirements for performer equipment;
* Have 
minimum level of English language skills for webcamming;
* Be friendly, open minded, and feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Ready for an exciting and profitable career as a cam model?  To sign up, simply fill-out the form below and you can start working from the privacy of your home, within one business day. Now you can earn good money and ensure your own financial freedom!

Join the Highest Paying Cam Model Agency

I-Camz To register with us You will need: a computer, a webcam & internet.

*Please note - you can ALSO broadcast from an iPhone, iPad, or any Android device. Please "Click Here" to learn how. Mobile devices have enabled models to engage with their fans whenever and wherever they are.

Please Wait – After you submit the form below, do not click away, this can take a few seconds to process.

Webcam Model Application

* Perfomer name should have only alpha characters, underline and number.

This form will be submitted securely using strong SSL encryption!

*No Webcam Modeling experience required. Support provided! If for any reason you need help getting started you can also check You will be contacted by email and asked to continue your registration. So once you click on the Sign Up button above you should see an email from us, so please check your spam or junk folders. Proofread and double-check the model form and also double check your email address for accuracy before submitting! Thanks!

NOTICE: Regarding Accounts for Couples and/or Groups with 3 or More Persons

I-Camz offers accounts to couples or groups with 3 or more persons, in addition to single model accounts. While the process couples and/or groups must follow to join is similar to that completed by single models, there are a few major differences, which are discussed below.

  • * When completing the model application, only one model should be listed as the primary account holder. This is the person whose name, address, and additional information should appear at the beginning of the application. This is also the person who will receive payments. When payroll is completed, each account receives only one payment. As a result, the primary account holder will be responsible for distributing payment to the other members. I-Camz is not responsible for payout division among couples or groups.
  • * To create an account, the model must choose the appropriate Gender on the registration form. For example, a girlfriend/ girlfriend couple would select Female/Female couple as their Model category.
  • * When a multi-user model category is selected, extra fields will automatically appear on the application in order to collect information about the additional account members.
  • * EVERY person listed on the account must provide ID photos, as well as e-sign his/ her own set of documents. These documents will be delivered to each member’s email address as listed on the account.
  • * The primary photo must include a shot of all the models on the account together.
  • * When entering a username, couples and groups are encouraged to use a name that identifies they are a multi-user account, such as ThreeHotLatinaGirls, TwoSexyBabes, etc.

In addition to being a member of a couples or group account, a model may apply for a solo account. These two accounts are completely separate of one another. If a model only broadcasts as part of a couple or group, she does NOT need a solo account. However, she is more than welcome to make one, if she chooses.

All models listed on the account must be visible anytime a broadcast is streaming. Anyone using a couples or group account is not permitted to broadcast alone. If this is the case, she will need to set up a solo account as well.


  • *At sign up, please tell us how you would like to get paid by selecting your preferred payment method. Direct deposit option is only available to U.S. residents at this time. International Payments are via International wire transfer and Paxum. To learn more about Paxum click here. Payouts to models are sent weekly for the previous week worked.
  • Cam models select your preferred payment method.
  • * Once you sign up and send us your model display name choice, we will set up your model account and email you your login information. If we need corrections, we will send an email with the necessary corrections.
  • * If you completed your profile and it has been 2 days and your account is not approved, please contact us and we will contact a tech to approve your account more quickly.
  • * For those who were confused by the no more paperwork change, there is no longer physical paperwork that must be returned. However models will need to e-sign a contract and tax form prior to first payment.
  • * Don't forget to add a picture to the photo gallery for a chance to win a gift card!
  • * We never charge our models any fees, and do not ask for your credit card number at any time. All personal identity information you submit is kept strictly confidential.
  • * We DO NOT hire models from the following countries: Philippines, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, & Libya.


Becoming a cam girl or boy with I-Camz is fun, easy, lucrative and SAFEWe offer legit cam jobs that can make you $1000 weekly or more. 

You work when it suits you, you won't be pushed into doing things you're not happy with (nudity isn't even required for instance) and you simply need to log in once every 90 days to keep your account active. Obiviously, the more you work and the more famous you are, the more money you will make

You don’t need experience as a webcam model to make money. In case you're searching for a solid way to profit and want to become a cam model, we can give 24/7 help desk support plus live chat feature. 

Anxious about camming all alone? Why not welcome a friend you're comfortable with to go along with you? Couple and group shows are very popular, so you'll have the chance to charge more and cool your nerves at the same time. 

Also don't worry about meeting somebody you know in your web cam session, you can always block by city, state or even nation. You can also block individual members who bother you while streaming. These members can still see your profile, but can’t enter your shows or contact you.
We provide the following benefits to all our webcam models:

Become a Cam Model Today!

Options Available to Models
  • * Phone - You can add your phone number on your model profile to chat with members during private chat (don't worry it is an anonymous PHONE-2-PHONE service that allows customers to call you on the phone during a show, without revealing your phone number)
  • * Block/Ban - If someone is giving you a hard time, feel free to use either the Block or Ban feature
  • * Microphone - Chat with members, they love to hear your voice
  • * Geographical Restrictions - You can edit Geographical Restrictions on your model profile to block different areas

Stream in HD!

Once your profile is approved, enter your account and go to the "Support" tab to see HD instructions. 
Follow the steps to test your internet speed and download the 
HD Encoder (Mac or PC). Once downloaded, follow directions to configure it. Then log in to start streaming in HD and make the most!

Use Audio!

Members LOVE it when models use audio to interact. 
Talk to your members, be friendly and give them the most personal 
experience you can - it will pay off!

Microphone for Webcamming

Get rated!  Get rated!Get rated!Get rated!Get rated!Get rated!

Members are prompted to rate your show after private sessions. 
Be sure to offer a 5 star show and be the best rated model out there.

The three components mentioned above will help with your placement on the site and better placement means more money for you!! Also you will qualify for GOLD Shows and TV Broadcasts by having a minimum 4.5 star rating, HD Encoder, audio, and high speed internet. Gold Shows and TV Broadcasts are automatically added to qualifying accounts. In a Gold Show a webcam model can earn more money and members save money wanting to play more! Performers on TV Broadcast shows are guaranteed to earn a set amount and get to reach a much larger audience than usual. Once the TV Broadcast show is over, you’ll be paid like a normal Gold show. If your earnings are less than the guaranteed price, we will pay the rest! Need we say more? 

Know the Rules  
  • * No nudity below the waist in guest chat
  • * Do not give out your private information such as email, home address, or phone number
  • * Allow only approved individuals in the picture during your show. All others need to be approved first
  • * Do not do anything that is illegal in your area
  • * Do not mention other sites such as Skype, Paypal, or Twitter. Your account will be suspended.

Sign Up & Get Started! Webcam site paid weekly.

Work from home, make your own hours, and get paid weekly. Webcam jobs are available and all you have to do is to simply make up your mind. You DO NOT have to have sex with anyone - so no worries of STD’s or even pregnancy and as the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) escalates globally, sex workers who depend on in-person appointments are considering camming to supplement their income. Cam modeling jobs are all about socializing and chatting than it is about sex (non nude is also possible).

Working as a camgirl is similar to working as a dancer in a gentlemen's club. When you login to the site, you enter a free video chat room. Members enter the room and your job is to chat with them, flirt and entice them to tip you or buy private shows from you. This is like being a dancer on stage. When you're in free chat, you're only working for tips, but once a member takes you private, you start getting paid by the minute.

Try us out today, risk free, and stop daydreaming of your dream job ---

Become a webcam model and start making money! Earning potential is unlimited. 

There are absolutely no fees to join and work, and you can start earning within 24 HRS!

If you still have more questions before getting started, we encourage you to read the Frequently Asked Questions, they will show you everything you need to know! Click Here to View them Or click our Messenger Link to chat with a live model support representative. Our support team will be happy to assist you in case you need to get in touch with us. Of course, you can also reach us through our "Contact Us" page.
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