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Cam Models Social Media Tips for Online Success

Posted on Saturday

I-Camz Cam Models Social Media Tips for Online Success!Why not maximize your earnings, promote your cam-girl modeling site and build an extensive network of loyal contacts through the use of social media platforms? It does not cost you any money to take advantage of social media venues and your potential financial rewards will be unlimited. This is one of the easiest ways to advertise your brand and connect with the public. Just watch how fast those tags, links and search prompts can bring new clients your way.

In the world of cam models social media tips offer helpful ideas that you can use to build your brand and generate more revenue. Explore these suggestions and find out which ones are most effective for your online modeling career.

Choose your Images Wisely

Select some tantalizing photos/videos to use in your social media posts. Look at the accounts being advertised by other camgirl models to get an idea of what you need to be doing. Then up the ante and make sure that the images you post are delivering the sexy message that you want to convey. You can even visit I-CamzLive to browse active camgirl postings and discover the types of photos and videos that these outgoing individuals are using to entice the public.

Protecting your Brand

Remember that any of those private photos and videos you create for posting purposes should always be protected. This means that you should include watermarks to prove that these images belong to you and are intended for your own personal use and distribution.

Signing Up

Sign up for those social media pages with the same name that you have adopted for your modeling gigs. When you use your "online persona" in social media platforms it will instantly be recognized by your regular fans. This will give them the opportunity to follow your Twitter feeds, Instagram videos, Vine and other pages. Others who connect with you strictly through your new social media offerings will be able to make note of your name so that they can search for you through Facebook and Google sites.

Current Is Relevant

Keep your accounts current and do not let the content become boring. This means that you will need to change those posts on a regular basis. Do not be afraid to use your social media venues for multiple posts in a single day. You want to attract customers, pique curiosity and tempt the viewers with your messages.

Hotter Hashtags

Check out the hashtags that are trending so that you can tag posts that will get noticed. You also need to remember that your hashtag should reflect the type of content that searchers will be able to discover if they follow your tags. You may have to try out a number of hashtags before you find which ones are generating the most interest among viewers. Think outside of the box but do not overlook the obvious hashtags such as #sexycamgirl, #xxxcam and #Sexyfeet. These tags will help generate more traffic because each time someone is searching for the same specific terms that you are using then your cam site will be displayed among the results.

Follow Back

Do yourself a favor and begin following the guests that have visited your chatroom in the past. Focus on regular customers, serious fans and those individuals who are generous tippers. When you follow their social media accounts it will flatter them. Of course it is also a very easy method to use to let people know that your online modeling site is open for business. Once your name begins to show up as a loyal follower you will also be introduced to an even larger audience because of the extensive amount of information sharing among users of social media platforms.

Webcam Models Social Media Tips

Pictures are Worth 1000s of Words

In many instances it is the live action shots that will garner the most interest. Most people who are searching for adult-themed entertainment prefer to view something rather than read a lot of words.

Social Media Venues

Search for the top social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Tumblr, Periscope and Daily Motion. Then study the guidelines so that you know what can and cannot be posted on each of the sites. Post daily updates on all of the major sites that you plan to use-the more, the merrier.


Remember that you need to interact with your fans and followers. When someone comments or asks a question you should make every effort to reply. Communication is a 2 way street and you have to keep the interest level as high as possible.

Update Automatically

There are numerous plug-ins and scripts that offer automated features for you to use. You can even find software that will automatically generate responses for fans and update your social media profiles so that viewers are told each time you are going online for a cam performance.


Every camgirl has something different and unique to offer the public. Do not be shy about branching out and experimenting. You might just find a new "angle" to use that make you an irresistible temptress online. This same type of experimentation should be included in your social media postings. Laughter and casual flirting are sure to capture the attention and imagination of casual browsers. Share your sense of humor. Become a wickedly intriguing online flirt. Whatever your specific modeling brand is going to be you need to be sure that your posts are reflecting that same personality. Study the hottest topics in the adult entertainment industry and discover the niche that is a perfect fit for you. People are always looking for something new and interesting and YOU may be the exact diva whom they crave.

A few additional tips for cam models to remember

  • Consistent changes of hairstyle, makeup and clothing
  • Interesting movements when online-keep it sexy and sizzling
  • Practice your posture, moves and facial expressions in front of a mirror so that you become more comfortable when you step in front of the camera
  • Use sexy graphics whenever possible. Your online avatar should also be a sexy reminder of who you are and what you have to offer
  • Affiliate links are a marketing tool that can add extra money to your pocket
  • Expressing sincere interest in your customers is always one of the best ways to build your social media fan base