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How to Become a Straight Male Webcam Model

Posted on Monday

Profit as a Webcam MaleSome heterosexual men may not appreciate the straight truth about being a webcam model. Most of the people watching the live show will be male. This means that, although some women will be watching your show too, most of the time you'll be performing for homosexual and bisexual men.


So, if you're serious about keeping a job as a live male webcam model, you need to be professional about the situation. Despite their sexual orientation, men have a tendency to be more visually stimulated than ladies are. This is not likely to change.

Even if a woman likes looking at a picture of your washboard abs, she's more likely to show that picture to some other guy ("If you worked out more, you'd look like that") than to pay to see more of you. Once in a while you'll be able to enjoy the idea of a woman watching your performance, liking it, feeling aroused by it. Most of the time, you'll need to remember that being a model is a job like any other job.

You are an actor. You are putting on an act for an audience. What difference does it make who's in that audience? Mentioning your own sexual preference may work in your favor if you want regular paying customers, though. Some guys who visit you online will be turned on by the thought of "turning the straight guy out." Some may even try to woo you and pursue you, claiming that they can give you more pleasure than a woman could. You don't have to believe this in order to profit from it.

If you want to maximize your earnings as a live male webcam model, you can tease these men. Let them fantasize that maybe, just maybe, if you met them in real life, you'd consider the idea of giving them what they want, or a little bit of it. This does not necessarily mean that you would actually give another man head, or even let him do that for you. You are an actor. The character you are playing might be more open to experiment than you are.

Over the years, as you get used to acting on this venue, it feels more "natural”. After all, it’s only a performance. Those men by no means are going to meet you, talk to you, take a look at you, touch you, or expecting anything else from you, in real life.

Some other aspect of straight men performing for gay men comes up while a client is going into private paid chat with you. Frequently those men need to go cam to cam with you. Successful websites will suggest that you always accept those offers. They'll last more and therefore pay higher than sessions where you're the only one on cam. The customer gets more of a feeling that someone is really getting into the moment with him.

Again, this kind of cam2cam performance may feel uncomfortable at first, but models do get used to it. On most sites you won't actually have to look at the customer the entire time. For example, on ICamzLIVE, the c2c window will open up with the customer's camera in a smaller "thumbnail" window. You'll see options to switch it around. It's recommended that you at least take a peek now and then to see what position the customer is in, so you'll sound as if you're paying attention.

This may sound a bit sneaky, but actors do what they need to do to make a performance convincing. If you're one of those guys who lose the mood (and erection) if you watch other guys getting into it, that's all right. You can look at images of women while chatting with a man.

You can even watch lesbian porn while chatting with a gay customer. Just keep the sound down, if you do. These guys will leave if they hear women's voices in the background.

Being a live male webcam model is not for everyone. The truly homophobic won't keep this job long. It's nice to imagine that women will be watching you perform. It's even nicer when they are. However, there aren't enough women who are willing to pay to watch a guy pleasure himself to make it worth your while to perform for women customers only.

But if you can keep an open mind and remember that it's only a performance, being a straight male model can be profitable. Relieving your tension and frustration can actually earn you money! It's all a matter of attitude.