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A Look at Home Camming vs Studio Camming

Posted on Friday

A Look at Home Camming vs Studio CammingFor many webcam girls, deciding between home camming vs studio camming isn’t an easy decision. The following will look at the major differences between the two webcam modeling options, as well as explore the advantages and disadvantages of both.

What's the Difference?

Home camming, the most popular choice among webcam girls in North America, Western Europe, and Africa, simply involves broadcasting from your own home. When studio camming, cam girls work out of a location that resembles a studio or office space and usually offers multiple small rooms for models to work out of. Studio camming is more popular among Eastern European models, as well as those in Brazil and Columbia.

The Advantages of Home Camming

There are plenty of benefits to home camming. It goes without saying that convenience is definitely at the top of the list. Webcam models who work from home do not have to fight with traffic or deal with bad weather when going to work. In addition, they have complete control over their schedule, which may not be the case when working from a studio.

Many webcam girls who work from home appreciate that it allows them to hide their job from the outside world. There's no need to walk outside "dressed" for work or carrying accessories that will attract your neighbor's attention. As an added bonus, they also never have to worry that someone else has used any personal accessories before them.

Finally, webcam girls who work from their own home tend to make more money. In most cases, girls who work out of a studio will have to give as much as 80 percent of what they earn to the studio in exchange for using their space. Many studios justify their large fees by saying they are promoting their models and keeping essential accessories on hand.

The Disadvantages of Home Camming

Although there are numerous benefits, home camming still has several major disadvantages. First, webcam models who work out of their own home are responsible for making certain they have the right type of space and accessories, as well as high speed internet and a high quality computer and webcam. Models that do not already have access to these items will have to spend quite a bit of money to acquire them before they can even get started, without any guarantee of success.

In addition, it is almost impossible for any webcam girl to hide what she is doing from anyone she lives with, which may be a huge disadvantage if she does not want anyone to know what she is doing.

The Advantages of Studio Camming

There are also advantages for webcam girls who choose to work out of a studio. First, it gives them the opportunity to prevent family and friends from learning what they are doing. She can simply leave home for work in her everyday clothes and return home the same way.

Additionally, studio camming means that a model will not have to purchase anything to get started, such as an expensive webcam, computer, or accessories. Also, she will not have to spend the money or time and effort to create a space in her own home that is conducive to her online career.

The Disadvantages of Studio Camming

There are significant drawbacks to studio camming, especially in regards to how much money a webcam girl can make. Studios often charge large fees for the use of their space and equipment. In fact, some even take a percentage of what clients tip a model. There is also the worry of not knowing who has worked in the space or used the equipment before them. Even if everything has been cleaned and sterilized, it is still a little gross to think about.

Unfortunately, another disadvantage of studio camming involves the studio management. According to current and past webcam models, the administrator or manager of the studio, who may be referred to as an "E-pimp", may pressure the girls to do or wear things they may not otherwise feel comfortable doing in order to keep a customer's attention longer (which makes the studio more money). If the webcam girl refuses, there is always the risk of not being invited back or having her access to the studio severely limited.


If you are considering working as a webcam girl, making the decision to work out of your home vs. out of a studio may be difficult. Fortunately, after examining the information discussed above, you are likely to have a much better idea of which situation is best for you.

At I-Camz, our webcam models do not have to work in a webcam studio. Instead, they (and you) have the option of working discreetly from home. Now, the decision is yours. Would you rather work at a webcam studio or from the comforts of home like we offer?