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The Reality of Webcamming vs Stripping

Posted on Wednesday

The Reality of Webcamming vs StrippingMany people automatically assume that being a cam girl is the same thing as being a stripper. In reality, the two jobs are nothing alike. From where you work to exactly what you will and will not do, you may be shocked to learn how different these two jobs actually are. Let’s take a close look at both of them.

Where You Perform

The majority of strippers work in strip clubs, while some do agree to travel to someone else's home, hotel room, or other venue to take part in private shows. Unfortunately, because they are in a public venue, it is not unusual for strippers to come into contact with wild, rude, or even hateful clients who refuse to adhere to any rules, such as no touching. In some instances, they may be able to convince a club bouncer to escort the client out, but this does not guarantee the upset person will not be out in the parking lot waiting for the stripper to get off.

Most webcam girls choose to work from the comfort of home or some other place where they feel comfortable and safe. There is no need for them to travel to a potentially unsafe location, which also eliminates the problem of unruly and offensive customers. If a webcam model feels uncomfortable with a client, she can simply block them without any worry of running back into the customer on the way home.

Essentially, not only do strippers have to travel (in some cases, a long distance), but they are also at risk of finding themselves in dangerous situations. On the other hand, webcam girls don't even have to leave home, leaving them in substantially safer situations.

When and How Long You Work

Strippers are almost always at the mercy of the club they work for or the person who hires them for a private show. They often have to perform, regardless of any extenuating circumstances, such as an illness, or face the possibility of being fired. If business is slow, they may also find that the number of shifts they are working has been cut, setting them up for financial trouble.

However, there is a positive to working as a stripper. Most have downtime between shows that gives them the chance to relax and get ready for their next performance.

Webcam girls have control of their own schedules. If they are ready to work, they can get started quickly. This is also a plus when they need to earn extra money. Webcam girls can work as much or as little as they choose; it is entirely up to them.

Unfortunately for webcam girls, working with clients all over the world means that it can be hard to get any downtime. For example, they may finish up a private session only to find that they have a couple more clients who are also requesting private shows, which can result in them performing for hours without a real break. Hey, at least this means the money is good!

Drama, Drama, Drama!

When working as a stripper, especially in a public venue, unnecessary drama can be a fact of life. This is particularly true if she is trying to keep their job quiet. It's entirely possible that someone she knows well, such as an old teacher, neighbor, or even a parent, could walk into the club they are working in. This could lead to their "secret" being leaked all over town. They are also at risk of being caught up in other people's drama. For example, if a woman tracks her husband down to a strip club, it's not unusual for her to lash out at the stripper, as if the stripper is responsible for her husband coming out to the strip club.

Drama is not nearly as likely for someone working as a webcam model. Working out of their own home with clients from all over the world essentially eliminates the possibility of accidentally running into someone they know. If a client or their significant other attempts to start any drama, they can quickly and easily block them, eradicating the problem altogether. As an added bonus, because they don't have to leave home, they won't be running into nosy neighbors in full makeup and "stripper heels". This means they won't be faced with plenty of questions and speculation about what they are doing.


As long as a webcam model has an internet connection, she can work and earn money. As long as their clients have an internet connection, clients can catch a show, even if there are 40 inches of snow outside or they are in the middle of a hurricane. So, what does this mean? It means that a webcam model has the ability to make money anytime she goes online.

Unfortunately, many strippers quickly learn that heading to the strip club is not something people tend to do when the weather is bad or there is some type of emergency outside. As a result, a stripper is likely to experience periods where she simply isn't earning the money necessary to pay all of her bills and survive.

What You Do

Strippers's in their job title. While some webcam girls do strip completely, others do not. You may be surprised by the number of clients who aren't looking for a webcam girl who will take everything off.

It's Time to Consider Webcamming

From working from the privacy of your own home and setting your own schedule to banning unsavory clients without any fear that they will be waiting for you in the parking lot after you get off, there are plenty of advantages to becoming a webcam girl. Plus, you get to avoid drama, while making money.

If you are interested in being a webcam girl, it is definitely the perfect time to get started. You could easily have your own show up and running quickly and without a lot of unnecessary hassle. What are you waiting for?