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Paolo Lugarà I-Camz Agent
By Paolo Lugarà
I-Camz Agent
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Webcam Chat Tips to Increase Your Earnings as a Cam Model

Posted on Monday (Updated October 04, 2015)

I-CAMZ CAM MODEL AGENCY IS VERY LUCRATIVE!Working as a live webcam model has the potential to be very lucrative, if you play to your visitor’s fantasies and exercise patience. Almost all webcam model agencies offer a “free chat” session to generate interest and drive traffic to their webcam models, so does I-Camz cam model agency. While you may not realize it, if you are working as a webcam model, this is the perfect opportunity to draw customers in so that you can earn money with your webcam job.

The free chat session gives you the chance to put your flirting and teasing skills to use in order to get customers so turned on that they think nothing of paying for a private chat. After all, a private chat is where all webcam models really make their money. As a webcam model, it is crucial that you maximize the number of visitors to your free chat room. Once they are in the room, it is time to work your magic and make them go crazy with desire. You want them to fantasize about seeing you do certain acts or simply get naked. Your ultimate goal is to make them want to know you and try everything they can to get your attention, whether that is typing in all CAPS or simply making catcalls and begging for your email address and website.

As you tease your free visitors, it is important to ignore their catcalls and requests. Just like in real world experiences, the harder you are to get, the more they will lust after you, even if it means paying for your undivided attention. Don’t get upset if visitors are begging to see you naked in the free chat room. (Keep in mind that this is something you are only permitted to do in private chats, so you can’t do it even if you want to.) Use this to your advantage. Invite them in to see you behind closed doors. Selling private webcam shows is simply a numbers game. The more visitors you have in your free chat room, the higher your chances are of drawing them in for a paid show.

Holding the interest of visitors to your free chat rooms isn’t all that hard. This is the key to getting them to pay for private chats. Adult webcam modeling is based on sex and erotica, so show off, actively pose, and use sultry overtones to ensure the conversation always has a sexual overtone, even if you get off subject. By the way, getting off subject and talking about things your visitors are interested in, such as sports, music, or movies, is fine because it gives them some insight into your personality. Just be sure to use your sexiest voice and gently steer the conversation back to an erotic topic. Yes, it can be hard to go from talking about the upcoming football season to seducing your visitor into paying for a private room, but you can do it.

It’s always a good thing to have plenty of visitors in your free chat room, all trying to talk over each other and asking for everything they can think of. After all, the more excited they are the more paid shows you will sell. To maintain control in your room, let your visitors make their comments. The faster, the better. This keeps your room busy and makes you seem even more alluring and popular. Customers want to see popular webcam models because they feel like they are coming to your rescue when asking for a private chat. After all, they are taking you away from all that craziness created by your other visitors.

Whether you are chatting in a free room or paid room, never try to control your customer’s chat style. If they are typing in all CAPS, leave it alone. Telling them to drop the CAPS could easily cost you their attention and money.

Occasional flashing is critical to your success. Encourage begging and demanding comments, while also ignoring them. Always remember that you are a performer. Laughing, teasing, a quick flash, and flirting are a piece of the diversion. You want to drive them right to the point of crazy where they will let go of their fears and purchase a private show. Remember that visitors to ICamzLIVE (our top webcam site featuring over 2500 models online at any one time) are here for an erotic experience that fulfills their fantasies and provides something that they can’t get at home. It’s up to you to live up to their expectations.