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Webcam Chat Tips to Increase Your Earnings as a Cam Model

Posted on Monday (Updated May 29, 2017)

I-CAMZ CAM MODEL AGENCY IS VERY LUCRATIVE!Being a webcam model can be highly profitable, if you play to your visitor’s fantasies and exercise patience. So as to create interest and hence have many clients accessing their sites, many webcam model agencies, I-Camz included, usually offer "free chat" sessions. Could be you have not realized that working as a webcam model gives you the best chance to lure customers to your job, which enables you to earn handsomely depending on your efforts.

The free chat sessions offered to clients are the best chance you have, to tease and flirt with your customers to the best of your ability, so that they get turned on. This will, in turn, leave them with no other chance than paying for a private chat. After all, a private chat is where all webcam models really make their money. Being a webcam model, the best chance you could take is luring as much visitors as possible to your free chat room, after which you do your best to raise their desires. You should ensure that you make them fantasize as much as possible about you getting naked or doing some particular actions. What you need to achieve is getting as much attention as you can from your visitors, and make them eager to know you. It doesn't matter whether they will type everything in ALL CAPS, or make as many catcalls as they can, or even beg you for your email and website.

You might need to ignore all the catcalls and requests made by your clients, even when they are tempting. Since you want attention from them, the only way you will get it is by playing hard to get. We all know that the harder something good is to get, the more attention it attracts since many are willing to do whatever it takes to get that thing. This means that your visitors will get to another level, of wanting to pay so as to get your attention. When visitors try their best to see you naked in the free chat rooms, don't feel confused, and always keep in mind that you are only permitted to do that in the private rooms. As such, you can even take advantage of that, so that you invite your clients to see you in the private chat rooms. Besides, you need to realize that selling your shows in the private chat rooms will highly depend on how many clients you have attracted in the free chat room. The more the number, the higher the chances of selling more private shows.

You shouldn't find it hard to retain the interest of your visitors at the free chat room, as this is the only way you can get them to pay for private chats. Also, you will need to use a sexy tone, show off, and pose in the most appealing ways since adult webcam modeling is based on sex and erotica. There are times you might need to get off subject, by talking about things that interest your clients, which could range from movies to sports, and even music. Any topic that is of interest to your clients is highly appreciated since it suggests to the clients that you have similar interests to them, and also displays your personality. You, however, need to ensure that you use the sexiest voice you can manage, even when you are off subject, and then try to get the attention back to an erotic topic gently. Even when it seems challenging to seduce your customer to pay for a private chat when you have been off subject, you can make it possible, depending on how best you handle the situation. Yes, it can be hard to go from talking about the upcoming football season to seducing your visitor into paying for a private room, but you can do it.

Seduce your visitor at the free chat into paying for a private chat room.

The best situation in a free chat room would be to have clients talking over each other, each one of them with their desires and requests. You need to let them comment as much as they would like, if you want to maintain control in your chat room. The more excited they become, the more chances you get to sell private shows which, of course, are paid. Besides, when there is a lot of activity going on at your chat room, it makes you seem alluring and popular. This draws a lot of attention, since clients will feel like they have come to your rescue when you go into a private chat with them. The best thing is that they will give you a break from all the craziness created by other clients in the free chat room.

You should always let your clients use a free chat style, (even when they type in all CAPS) since controlling their style of chatting may lower their attention towards you, costing you some cash.

You might also need to apply occasional flashing as a technique to enhance your success. Tolerating all kind of comments whether begging or demanding is advisable, although you need to ignore them. You also need to use all luring techniques including teasing to the best of your ability, so that as to drive your clients towards purchasing a private show. Keep in mind that ICamzLIVE  visitors (our top webcam site featuring over 2500 models online at any one time) will be in pursuit of a sensual encounter to fulfill their fantasies, giving them what they won't find at home. It’s up to you to live up to their expectations.