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Posted on Friday

The earning potential for ICamzLIVE models is great. Join today! If you would like to see some of the hottest cam shows around today, click here ICamzLIVE.netStarting out on is a smooth process for new models. Top priority placement gives new models a golden opportunity to build a solid regular client base that can help them become a successful webcam model. A special section features listings of all new webcam models. This section is designed to give new models a chance to connect with big spending clients who are looking for new faces. It is not unusual for new models to earn decent money during their first week after being featured in this special section. To view new Models Click Here.


Although models listed beyond the first page receive decent traffic, under normal circumstances, you will be able to secure a spot on the first page if you adhere to few simple tips listed below.

Several factors will determine your position on ICamzLIVE. Your video's quality is the most important factor that will decide the ranking for your cam shows. Let’s take a close look at the tips that can help increase your rankings above other models.

Use a Camera That Can Stream in High Definition

Use an exceptional camera that can stream in high definition. Models streaming in HD720 quality video will get a superb ranking boost from ICamzLIVE. The site encourages models to use the Logitech C920 or the Logitech BCC950.

Both models are capable of providing 1080p HD streams for cam shows. The BCC950 comes with a convenient remote control that can move the camera in all directions. You can also use the remote to zoom in and zoom out. This is one feature that models cannot afford to overlook.

Stream Using the SMBroadcast or External Coder

You can use either mode for your cam shows, but you will be better off if you use the SMBroadcast if you want to stand out from other models. Unlike the External Encoder, there is no need for you to be concerned about dealing with the manual configuration. This makes things extremely easier for you!

Be ready to deal with computer upgrades, but these upgrades are worth it. Please keep in mind that your internet speed will play a big factor in your video stream quality. This is the primary reason why you should consider upgrading to an internet package that has at least 1 Mbps upload speed.

Entice Members to Give Your Shows a High Rating

Members are prompted to give you a rating (1-5) stars after going private or exclusive with you. They are also prompted to leave a short comment. Many models offer members a free video or picture to members who give them a 5-star rating. This simple tactic is an effective way of getting members to rate your live cam shows.

Stream Regularly

It is imperative for you to stream regularly. Models that stream regularly get the highest rankings on the website. This is one strategy used by many top earning models.

Use Your Social Media Accounts Effectively

I'm pretty sure that most of you have many followers on your social media accounts. Use your social media accounts to tell your followers about your cam shows. For example, one Tweet to your followers can generate a significant audience for your show. A larger audience will make your live cam shows more successful. Guys will be competing with each other for your attention. This will increase your chances of going private with a guy who is willing to spend big bucks!

Site Features and Functions

This site has all the special features that models can ask for! Here are the features that models can take advantage of: a messaging system, members can leave you tags, TV broadcasts, cam2cam, a good rating system, rate analysis, your daily time online, the ability to stream in High Definition, and many more features. All of these options are at your disposal, but you can choose the ones that will serve your best interest. You should choose the features that will make you comfortable!

Let's Analyze the Site's Features

TV broadcasts is a newer feature that can help you get maximum exposure on the site. You can select this feature for your viewers. I urge you to do this! The producers will select a few models during the day for a TV broadcast gold show. It is similar to a regular gold show, but with a few differences.

You must be careful about the copyrights if you are selected for a TV broadcast gold show. You cannot use trademarked logos or music in the background. You are paid for the entire goal if you do not reach the full gold show goal when you do a TV broadcast gold show. This incentive makes this option great for models who are trying to make the big bucks!

Producers will select a goal amount based on previous earnings during earlier gold shows. If you are not pleased with the goal amount set by the producers, you can kick off your regular gold shows when you get to a higher amount. This will eventually determine your TV broadcast goal.

The messaging system in ICamzLIVE is excellent, but you cannot send a message to a member unless they message you first. This is the only flaw with this exceptional system. This rule prevents models from spamming every member of the website. It is important for you to tell your fans about this rule.

If you are marketing pictures or videos (I highly encourage you to do so), and members tip in to them, you are only allowed to send your pictures or videos if they message you. It is vital for you to point this out to them. If you don't, they may get the impression that you are trying to take advantage of them. Your viewership will drop if members feel that you are trying to rip them off.

Anonymous file sharing is allowed on the site. You can use a site like Dropbox to host your pictures and videos. Simply send the link to your viewers. You are not allowed to share any personal information with your viewers. Only your ICamzLIVE link can be watermarked on your videos and pictures.

Website Traffic and Quality

The traffic for the site is wonderful for models. Models can also look forward to dealing with quality customers. You do not need a load of guys to make a significant amount of money on the site. Guys will be more than happy to spend the big bucks if you are willing to give them a quality show. This is why it is vital for you to interact with your viewers. For example, you should send notes to your viewers. This will encourage them to visit you over and over again!

Privacy Protection and Regional Blocking

ICamzLIVE takes serious steps when it comes to privacy protection. Models can ban members with ease at any time. As I stated earlier, you are not allowed to share your personal contact details with members of the website. Some members on the site may have a freaky request. They may ask if they can buy your undergarments. You should always say no. Sharing your personal contact details with members can lead to your account being suspended or banned. Your earnings may be withheld!

ICamzLIVE also has a geo-blocking feature. You can block any city, country, or region from viewing your cam shows with a simple click.

Is ICamzLIVE Really Free?

This is a popular question being asked by many people who are tempted to join. It is free, but not for the premium shows. Members are only charged when they go into a private or premium show with a model. Prices for private and premium shows are clearly listed on the website.

Members generally choose to stick with the site's free options. This is the main reason why the site continues to attract thousands of viewers from all over the globe.

Platform Features for Members

EMAIL: Free members can send emails to over 12,000 models around the world. Members are allowed to ask models anything they want.

SEARCH FEATURES: This particular platform makes it easy for members to navigate throughout the site. Tags can be used to find models.

MOST RECENT SHOWS: This platform showcases your most recent shows on the left column. This makes it simple for you to find a model that performed for you in the past.

EXCLUSIVE GOLD SHOWS: Gold shows allow you to have a few hot moments with a beautiful model. Paying a flat fee puts a member in the driver's seat to see a performer show their skills for five to seven minutes. Models generally charge three to eight dollars for a full show. The hot action takes place during gold shows!

FAVORITES: Favorites is a popular feature that makes it simple to add a model to your watch list for a fun future show. You can add a model to your favorites by clicking on the heart icon displayed on her page. There is no limitation on your favorites list.

Become a Free Member of the Site

ICamzLIVE makes an earnest effort to provide top-notch customer service to members. The site is not associated with virtual currency, it does not require members to pay monthly membership fees, and it does not expose members to unethical practices. The website has a visible and precise minute option that rounds each second for shows. You will not find this feature in other competing websites. If you would like to see some of the hottest models around today, click here ICamzLIVE.

Become a Cam Model on ICamzLIVE Today

You can become a cam model for ICamzLIVE and start earning money from the privacy of your home. You will set your own hours and work on the days of your choice. You have the full freedom of being your own boss!

The earning potential for models is great. Join today!