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Can I Cam With A Mask On

Posted on Thursday

The following article is written by a camgirl of ours who wishes to remain anonymous.

MASK CAM MODELS NEEDED!"When I first started camming I was terrified. I made sure I did my research and with everything I was hearing I was excited about getting started. The only thing that prolonged me from putting in an application was the fact that my face would be all over the internet! I was a struggling college student working a 10$ an hour job. I had to make a decision and quick. Bills were piling up and I knew there was no way I’d be able to afford everything with the way my checks were looking.

So before I signed up with my first website they ensured me that I could block any state, city and country. Although this was a little reassuring, not reassuring enough. I mean people do travel. In my mind there is no way possible you can block everyone you know from seeing you at any given moment. I went ahead and signed up after my id and payment method was verified I was all set to go. The thing is it took me awhile to actually get started because I wasn’t confident with just the blocking feature. I just knew for sure someone would recognize me. I desperately needed the money so I couldn’t let this one minor issue deter me from starting and then all of a sudden I had an idea! What if I came up with some type of persona that looked nothing like how I looked in real life! I thought this was the most brilliant idea ever! So my first night camming I was extremely nervous and I had on this funny looking red mask I had gotten from the dollar store because I was flat broke but it covered my whole face. That night I remembered I was online for about 3 hours and made a whopping 5$. I mean I wasn’t upset or anything because I’ve done plenty of research and knew that I had to gain a fan base which meant I had to keep at it even the days I didn’t make anything. So the next day I’m super excited and even set a little goal for myself of 10$. I tried to log in and I was blocked! I know this had to be some mistake so I tried to log in three more times no luck. Finally I decided to reach out to someone so I sent an email. About 5 hours later they emailed me back and let me know I violated the rules! Apparently with this site it was against the rules to have your face covered. They need to make sure the person’s id they have is the person that is camming and they can’t do that if the mask is on. Although I was sad that I may never get my 5$ but it was ok. So back at square one. I proceeded to look for another company. This time I read the rules and I encourage you to do the same and pick a company that works best for you, if a mask is something you are thinking about wearing. Finally I found a site that would let me where a mask and I was all set to go in about two days after everything was verified. I was excited to say the least!

I decided that I was going to create an alter ego. At this point I had gotten paid from my job and decided that I needed to invest at least 50$ into my persona. I decided to get a bright red wig 10$, a black lace sexy mask that covered most of my face 13$, some make up nothing major some popping fun colors from the dollar store 5$ and the rest of the money was spent on fabrics and a cheap dress that I could switch out for at least two weeks. I jazzed up my room a little, moved things around and made sure that my lamp shades were off my 4 lamps I gathered in my small room (lighting is everything). I had to decide what type of personality she was going to have, her name, her likes and dislikes but I didn’t have time for all that so I decided to just go with the flow and just wing it. What I did know is I did not want to look, sound or have a personality of the real me. At first it was a little different because some of the guys wanted to see me. I think more so because my confidence level was so low and they could tell. After a couple of hours I kind of transformed into my alter ego and I loved it! Time flew by and at the end of the night I made 100$. I didn’t even make 100$ a day at my 9-5. I decided that I wanted to stick with that one persona. I didn’t want to be a different person every day or every week. For one it would have been too expensive and for two too time consuming for me. I wanted CiCi to build a fan base and I wanted them to know who I was once they saw the red hair, black lace mask and red lipstick. To say the less I was excited and my alter ego CiCi was definitely here to stay!

Adult Cam Mask Model

After about a month I was kind of getting the hang of things I was working Mon-Fri 8pm-12pm. I tried to keep the same schedule so they could kind of know when I’m expected to be on and try to sustain a rapport and a fan base in attempts to make more money. At this point I was making around 30-100$ a night. I wasn’t doing anything special just chatting with the guys while having a drink or two and playing on my phone not really putting in 100%. So I did some more research and decided that I wanted to make more money and in order to do so I needed to focus and invest in myself some more. So again I’m still broke I decided to spend another 50$. This time I bought some tall lamps to go in the living room with daylight light bulbs (which are amazing if you are just getting started and don’t have much money to invest with), two cheap sexy dresses and a poster board with markers. My first idea was just to do some chores while I was camming. Which turned out to be a great idea. This way they could see me as I’m cleaning, moving around, walking around, bending over, boobs falling out etc. By doing this I actually ranked up a lot of tips without even asking for them. Also it’s less annoying because if you are just sitting at the screen their going to ask you to get up, turn around, bend over etc. This way you’re already doing those things and you get to clean, talk and hear the sound go off as the tips pour in. Another idea I had was play a game with them. Everyone likes games right! So I decided to just do simple things like guess a number, if I get to a certain amount of tips I will flash them, whoever tipped the most gets to see my face in private, (by this time I had regulars and had no problem showing certain members my face in private). One of my favorite games that I play is drunk truth or dare. I literally will play this game with them for hours on the weekend. Yes, I know I have no life but I never had so much fun and made money at the same time! The only times I work on the weekends is when I don’t have any plans and I think I have even turned down a couple of dates just to stay home and make money. Doing these things made camming fun and interesting for me as well. It also doubled my money. I think it was a combination of gaining fans and doing new things other than just sitting in front of the camera reading comments. As I got more comfortable with myself I was able to become this other person while camming and I actually loved the suspense of her. All my fears of someone finding out who I was went out the window. My alter ego was totally different than who I was in real life and I loved it!

I said all this to say I definitely understand why women would want to hide their identity. I was once that girl but I had to make a decision as I was looking down at all these bills in my hand. I am so glad I gave this a chance I am in my last year of school and I am not broke. I mean I’m not rich but let’s just say I can go to the stores without checking my account first and I have no more late notice emails. I still work under my alter ego and going on three years no one knows what I do not even the guys I date they just know I work from home. As you probably have guessed I am very conservative and private. I never had a scare that anyone recognized me. I still have certain cities and states block just for that extra layer of protection. If someone finding out who you are is the only thing stopping you, don’t let it be. Especially if you are struggling financially at this time. I mean camming won’t make the average girl rich but if you work at it, take it seriously and be patient with it I am sure you will profit from it. Regardless of your color, age, size, sexual orientation trust me I’ve seen so many different people make money in this industry. It’s totally up to you. If you decide to take a look at camming make sure that you read the rules and regulations on each site because their all different. Here is one of my favorite sites go ahead and take a look at it (

Camming has given me the financial freedom that I’ve always longed for. Now it’s not going to happen overnight you have to really work at it and stay consistent because some nights will be discouraging. Other days you will wonder how you made so money in a little bit of time. Its’ give or take but your earnings are totally up to you! There are people who make money in their sleep! I am not one of them but hopefully will be sooner than later. You don’t need a whole bunch of money to start. Just the internet, a lot of light, something sexy you can through together a cheap wig and mask (won’t run you no more than 10$) and a great imagination. I can’t say I will be doing this for the rest of my life but it definitely beats going to a 9-5, having someone micro manage me, traffic, etc. In the beginning I was concerned about what people would think of me but then I realized not one of those people offered to help me financially. Although I still don’t want to be this famous web cam girl I could care less about anyone thoughts on how I make a living. I am no longer crying because my take home check wasn’t even 700$ after two weeks. Sometimes in life you just have to take that leap and make it work for you and that is exactly what I did. I am discrete, I’m safe, and I am happy. No longer scared to answer my phone because of the bill collectors. I am glad I took advantage of this opportunity because I almost didn’t. So tap into your alter ego and create a persona that is fun for you and make some money in the process. Make a project out of it. Have fun, bring out your sexiness, wear that green wig, yellow lingerie and blue lipstick!”