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Tips on Starting a Couples Webcam

Posted on Monday (Updated April 20, 2017)

VISIT I-Camz Webcam Modeling BLOG - LATEST CAM MODEL BLOG NEWS - Want to know the best way to cam as a couple?Usually, when you think of cam models, you have this image of a beautiful young woman putting on a titillating performance before a spellbound audience. But that is no longer the case. Now, couples have moved into the online modeling arena and have found their prospects just as lucrative as singles. The key is to optimize the allure and appeal of your webcam session and gratifying your audience.


Here are some couples webcam model tips to bolster the quality and popularity of your broadcasts:

Make the proper preparations

In webcam modeling, the quality of your visuals is paramount, so make sure all the footage segments you transmit are clear and uninterrupted. To accomplish this, be sure that you’re using a reliable and fast internet connection (450 kbps or faster), and a high quality webcam - preferably an HD webcam. Your set should be arranged such that the two of you will be the focal point of the broadcast. This means that the area should be properly lit and clear of clutter. For more info and details please check our article: "How To Setup Your Home Webcam Studio".

Couple modeling should also contain a lot of naughty items, like fetish gear, toys, and BDSM equipment. Make sure you are also plan for the routine to include suggestions from the audience. Incorporating viewer requests will make clients feel appreciated and involved, and go the extra mile in making them repeat customers.

Using free chat to attract more fans and followers

Making your performance free to viewers is one way to spark interest in the customer. A lot of clients like to be acknowledged in this way before spending money. So, greet them just as warmly as you would paying customers and be responsive. Appearing before the camera with confidence and an inviting smile upon your face makes the customer feel you are friendly and that he is engaged in a one-on-one conversation.

One of the most important webcam model tips for couples is to position the woman in front of the man. Although the customer may have come to see a couples cam, the imagery of the beautiful woman out front is, nevertheless, more appealing. Consequently, she will do the most interacting with the clients. But, be sure to use the intercom system to make your responses. Speaking seems more personable than typing.

Always maintain a cheery disposition, and be both coy and courteous with the customers. The role of the male partner is to come off as being just like a buddy to the viewers, while the woman should always try to appear sultry and seductive. Some of the viewers might want to ask suggestive questions of the female, but might be reluctant to do so because they are too shy. It is the male partner’s job to allay any fears they may have and actually encourage them to ask anything they want.

The job of any webcam model, single or as part of a couple, is to keep the audience interest piqued the entirety of the session. One way to accomplish this is to initiate a conversation with the audience and to laugh and point out when they say something witty. But, don’t forget to continue interacting with each other while doing so.

Your broadcasts can end up rather lengthy, so make preparations ahead of time by having some bottled water and snacks on hand. Also make sure that any toys or accouterments you decide on using during your performance are readily accessible. You don’t want to have to leave the chat to go fetch a prop.

Some couple cam models prefer to have music playing in the background while they’re performing. If this is your preference too, make sure that the music isn’t playing too loudly during the session so that it overshadows the conversation.

Free chat sessions can vary from what is given in normal, paid chat sessions to just a friendly conversation. Talking freely with a customer is a good way to make him feel relaxed. This is particularly important when it comes to first-time viewers as some of them may be shy or a little nervous. Keep in mind that the object is to entice them to return as aid customers, not drive them away.

Being intimate with each other is also extremely important. Customers like to observe you sharing a passionate kiss every now and then. It is definitely a good idea to bare a lot of your body, but you don’t want to go too far, as this is only free chat. However, teasing them is an effective strategy to get viewers to come back for the real show in paid chat.

Couple Cam Performers Having Fun

Maintaining a balance is between being sexy and flirty is the best course of action in free chat. Therefore, clearly state in your profile pages exactly what free chat is limited to so it is understood what customer will be getting when he pays for a chat session. This way, there won’t be any misunderstanding on your part or on the part of the customer.

What to expect in chats with multiple people

Offering a paid chat that involves more than one person, i.e. "Group" or "Premium" sessions, is an excellent way to earn money because you’re servicing numerous paying parties simultaneously. However, the cam models should develop strategies to deal with a large group so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of suggestions and requests. Plus, you don’t want to make any of the customers feel alienated by overlooking them. Simply let them know at the beginning of the session that you plan on honoring everyone’s requests.

If you can manage it, try to incorporate a number of requests in a single act; otherwise, let the customers know that requests will be taken on a first come, first serve basis.

It may be a difficult task, but try to let the customers know that you have heard their requests and will be glad to honor them. One of the benefits of a couples cam is the ability to coordinate responses when you are inundated; two people can keep track of requests better than one. When responding to a request, say something suggestive like, “I can hardly wait . . .” or “You’re making me so hot . . .” Responses like those, in conjunction with outstanding delivery and excellent visuals, often lead clients to feel that it was worth the wait.

If a customer becomes unruly, or demand that you do something that you don’t feel comfortable doing, try to remain calm and politely state why you can’t honor his request. Then, offer an alternative that you do feel is in your comfort zone. These occurrences are rare, but it demonstrates why you must be as specific as possible in your profile about what you will and will not do.

If a customer insists that you perform an act that is clearly listed on your profile as off-limits, then kindly point it out to him. It may be that the customer is purposefully being rude to attract attention to himself or something. Simply remain cool and rely on each other for strength. The troublemaker will usually get the message and back off.

However, if the guy persists, and threatens the integrity of the performance, it might be necessary to use features (such as blocking or flagging) that are made available to you for just such an eventuality.

But don’t let one bad apple discourage you from becoming a successful webcam couple. You’ll find that guys like that are the exception to the rule. The vast majority of customers you’ll encounter tend to be civilized and generous.

If you are inclined to entertain specific or fetish requests, it might be a good idea to conduct private sessions only. This way, the customer can enjoy it without the threat of interruption. Anything further than that should be done in one-on-one private chat or Exclusive chat.

Things you should know about private chat

Private chats or Exclusive chats are a way to offer your clientele a personal and intimate experience. But, again, you should discuss beforehand just what you as performers feel comfortable with doing. This way, you can be more specific on your profile as to what you offer in private chat, and go a long way at preventing any confusion once you enter the private chat.

Since there is only one person in the audience, it is extremely important to keep the performance interesting. In order to glean the types of things that turn the client on, it's best if you can start slow and then amp up the excitement more and more. Make sure that the focus of your attention is the customer, not so much on either performer. Enjoying each other’s bodies is important, but don’t do it to the point it makes the customer feel left out.

Draw him into the act by asking him questions, like his name , or nickname. This will make you appear more personable and caring.

Keep in mind that the customer has purchased this time just to have you all to himself, so concentrate on making your performance as pleasurable for him as possible. Attend to anything they ask for and always look directly into the camera lens when you talk to them. Do everything in your power to include them and get them involved as a part of the act and give them the impression that you are delighted and turned on when they interact with you.

It is this type of personal and intimate that customers pay extra money for to enter private chat.

Some things for couple cam performers to remember

The success of a couples cam modeling career is based on connecting meaningfully and cultivating continued interest in the customer. Being able to remember little things like a customer’s quirks and how they like to be adderssed, will go a long way toward that goal. Also, make a habit of taking notes of the customers’ likes and dislikes if possible, and be sure to share the notes with each other. Remembering things about the customer will make him feel special and keep him on your roster of repeat clients.

Be sure to maintain interest and an up-to-date profile by adding newer, sexier, pictures as often as possible. This is a way to entice new customers to check you out.

You could choose to include more pictures of the female if you like, but be sure to have plenty pictures of both of you.

Webcam Couple Bedroom Kissing

Even though you won’t be available all the time, viewers will still be able to access your profile and view your pictures. If they like them, this could encourage them to want to see you in a live performance.

You can also choose how and if you would allow viewers to communicate with you or leave you messages. These messages could vary anywhere from questions about your performance, to simple greetings and chit-chat. At any rate, it is a wonderful way to establish rapport with viewers and create a fan base. If you haven’t heard from a customer for a while, take the initiative and message them. This will let them know you are thinking about them.

When signing messages, always include both your signatures. They will see this as a thoughtful gesture and make a point of returning to the show.

Try to strike a balance in your relationship with your customers. Of course, it is important to establish a relationship with them, but both of you should avoid getting too serious. For your own safety, never, ever give out identifying or personal details to a customer or lead them on and make them think you really love them. However, don’t be surprised if some of the customers provide you with their personal information, even if you don’t ask for it.

If a customer becomes unruly and continues to demand that you provide him your personal info, simply advise clearly that you don’t feel comfortable giving out private information like that. If they persists, hit the block button.

It may be difficult, but try not to let these unruly types get under your skin, especially when it comes to protecting your female partner. Most customers are civil and are happy to be a part of your show and share messages with you. How much you get out of it depends on how you handle it.

Finally, if any of the customers have any questions about the site such as how to use it, and the permissibility of receiving gifts from customers, refer them to the FAQ link on the site.