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By Paolo Lugarà
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Why Use Sex Toys For Webcamming

Posted on Friday

Why Use Sex Toys For Webcamming? To make that real connection with the client, earn more money and have many clients in your chat room.Everywhere you look today - from websites, social media and stores - you will find sex toys. Widely known as battery operated girlfriends and boyfriends, they have helped to spice the relationship as well as sexual fantasies for many people.


Today, many people are into webcamming and majority of the clients participate for different reasons. You will find people who are looking for someone beautiful they can talk to, others want to exploit their sexual fantasies, others are looking to make a connection with a beautiful girl while others just want to enjoy a private moment with a stranger.

Regardless of the reason, web cam girls and boys have seen the need of spicing up the session not only to gain more clients but to make that real connection with the client. Clients have different fantasies - one may want to see a girl using kegel balls, another would like to see a webcam woman or man using a vibrator while another, a dildo.

Depending on the fantasy of the client, serious people in the webcam business are making a lot of money. What you need to know is that if you want to earn more money and have many clients in your chat room, you need to implement sex toys in your sessions.

This is true for the following saying "the customer is always right" and as any successful person will tell you, always please the customer.

So, why use sex toys for webcamming?

To make more money

When you open a chat room, you will get to meet many clients who are into this or that. As the owner of the chat room, you have the following goals - to have more clients than your competitors, to earn more money and please your clients.

People have different tastes and preferences which mean you may get a client who will ask you to use a dildo, another will request you to wear kinky clothes and another will ask you to engage in some of bondage.

All this is done in order to meet one's fantasy. Remember, majority of the clients who visit your chat room may be divorcees, sexually unsatisfied individuals or an individual who is shy to talk to a real beautiful girl in person.

Next time you open your chat room and find many clients asking you if you have this toy or if you can wear that, you need to be prepared. Go shopping, browse through websites or magazines and get to pick a few toys that your clients may have been requesting in the past and you never had.

Next time they ask you, you will finally say a definite yes and they will stay for the show.

To please your clients

There are a lot of chat rooms where you will find clients asking to view certain sex toys or to see it being used. When they ask for the toy and you don't have it, they may stay but they won't return the next time or they will leave your chat room for another.

In the webcam business like, a lot of clients will be satisfied seeing a naked girl or guy. Others will not be satisfied with this and they will want to see their favorite toy or a new one they saw on the internet being used. This is because the use of the toy is a desire and a fetish they have.

Your aim is to please the client so to be safe and ensure you have a stream of clients, have several sex toys nearby. Every individual is different and some may want to see vibrators, others dildos while others, fleshlights.

To attract more clients

You have just started your first webcam session and a few people are browsing through but they don't enter your chat room. You wait all night and day comes, you have to go to class or your job. Evening comes, you try your luck again but a few manage to join only to drift away and never come back.

If you are having a hard time attracting clients in your chat room, you can finally do so thanks to sex toys. You need to improve your collection and not just have a dildo or fleshlight you have used since your late teens.

Today, you will find in many chat room straight guys using sex toys and you may start wondering why? It's all about making money and attracting clients. There are straight guys who are comfortable with themselves and will be able to perform in front of other guys using sex toys.

They are not only using them to attract clients or make more money but it helps to broaden their fan base as some of the clients will spread a good word to others in different chat rooms.

Which sex toys do you need to have?

The best way to find out what sex toys your clients want you to use is to carry out a simple poll. Just post a message on your chat room and request clients' to reply and tell you what kind of sex toys they want to see you with.

This is great especially if it's your first time and you currently don't know what your clients want but you need to be prepared as you cannot sit and wait for clients to post messages telling you what sex toys they love.

You can start with a few which are popular and depending with the gender you want to attract, you can find a great selection both online and in local stores. Some of the toys you can invest in include:


These are battery operated and they help to stimulate a woman's clitoris and G-spot making them to experience heightened sexual pleasure. In chat rooms, a cam girl can use this to stimulate herself while the guys are watching.


Much like vibrators only that they are not battery operated, they are great for insertion and they come in different sizes and colors. Great for improving a chat room session.

Kinky bondage

This is for those clients who love to watch. They can purchase theirs and you can participate online or you can meet depending on your preference.

Male masturbators

Straight and gay men can use this to spice up their chat room. They are great for improving a session as they are handheld and get the job done.

Anal sex toys

A butt plug is a great example of an anal sex toy. Perfect for lesbians, gay men, straight men and women.